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Vertical blinds In York are ideal for controlling the amount of light entering a room, Vertical blinds can be turned to block the sun from damaging your valuable furniture and carpets while still allowing light into a room. Vertical blinds In York are rotated by a chain at the side of the blind. Vertical blinds also have a cord which is used to draw the louvres back and forth, we have many variations of this, drawn either to one side, from the centre or even from each side to the centre.

We have a large range of Vertical blind fabrics including fine voile like fabrics, plain and patterned fabrics, waterproof and blackout fabrics, natural woven fabrics and even rigid PVC.

Vertical blinds In York with rigid PVC louvres are only available in 89mm, being rigid they have no weights or chain, this is often a benefit for family's with pets or small children.

For the commercial sector in York we supply Flame Retardant fabric to ensure our clients adhere to current government guidelines. Some fabrics also have Solar Reflecting properties as is necessary to comply with European legislation, applying to areas were computer screens are used by employees.

We also offer the Solar Reflective coated fabrics to domestic customers where there is a particular problem with direct sunlight fading furniture, e.g South facing windows, south facing conservatories, etc.

Our Vertical blind head rail is a white powder coated aluminium head rail with a smoothly curved fascia. Unlike other Vertical blind manufacturers in York our system uses stainless steel carrier hooks which are spring loaded, instead of the cheaper plastic ones. We use this carrier hook system because it is known in the trade to be the most superior component for the job.

As the carrier hooks are made of stainless steel they do not weaken from the sun's UV rays unlike the plastic ones which go brittle and break.

With the carrier hooks being sprung, if it is accidentally pulled or tugged by small children or pets it will pull so far resulting in most cases with the blind having no damage and still being in full working order.

For safety reasons both the draw and tilt cord can be fastened to the wall, eliminating any accidents that could lead to serious injury because of hanging cords. The chain will break if pulled with a large amount of force, in order to prevent injury

Please click on the link to view more examples of Vertical blinds we stock The Fabric Box