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Conservatory Pleated Roof Blinds In York

The manufacturing of Conservatory Pleated Roof Blinds In York is a specialist area of the blind trade. We manufacture standard rectangular blinds and every other shape imaginable.

As we manufacture our own Conservatory Pleated Roof Blinds In York, as opposed to buying them in and adding a middleman markup, our blinds can be tailored to meet your needs exactly at very competitive price.

Our Conservatory Pleated Roof Blinds In York will enhance your conservatory, giving you and your furnishing protection from harmful solar rays in the summer months and helping to insulate your conservatory in the chilly winter months. Our blinds will really complete your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy the quality living space you had in mind when you ordered your conservatory.

All conservatory roofs are expertly measured by our own experienced Conservatory Roof Blind measuring team.

We listen to your requirements to find out what you are trying to achieve and are able to advise accordingly, as there are hundreds of different fabrics and patterns available, such as plains, Blackout, transparent, solar protective coatings and fabrics with thermal insulating properties.

The high quality of the Conservatory Pleated Roof Blinds we produce In York allows us to undertake commercial installations, and in the past we have completed projects for schools, offices, and projections rooms, with customers such as Nestle, DEFRA and City of York Council.

Over the last 25 years Blind Image have made and fitted more Conservatory Roof Pleated Blinds in the York area than any other blind supplier, largely due to the fact that until recently we were the only blind company in the York area manufacturing Pleated Roof Blinds.

We want you to know that we regard your business as significant and Blind Image will see that you receive the high level of service and professionalism that you expect.

All of our Blind Image staff take pride in delivering high quality products and service at a reasonable price.